Friday, 26 September 2008

Ginger Onion Beef

It probably doesn't look very nice in the pic but trust me.. it tastes fantastic!

Beef- thinly sliced...doesn't matter which part
spring onions - cut into 2 inch portions
ginger- sliced
big onions- sliced

Marinate for beef:
light soy
dark soy
corn starch (or a bit of gravy granules in UK, I couldn't find the starch)
sesame oil or normal oil
oyster sauce
worchestershire sauce

make corn starch with the leftover beef marinate (make enough to cover beef)

1. Fry Onions. Then add ginger. And add the white bits of the spring onions. Add a bit of salt if you like.
2. Turn up heat. Add beef. Stir fry quickly so evenly cooked. Cook till HALF COOKED.
3. Put in the rest of spring onions. Add gravy. Mix well. Boil.
4. Take out. Serve.

*Beef cooks very fast and will be tough when overcooked. So make sure you work fast and have everything ready and at hand when you do this.

Try it if you understand my instructions.

Things you need for chinese cooking...

~Alviraa Paw~

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