Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Forbidden Fruit

Have you ever wondered why Eve and Adam brought about the fall of Man and got Man kicked out of The Garden Of Eden? For those of you who have been tempted by the Forbidden Fruit, you would understand why...

The racing heart...weak knees...anticipation...excitement...or smile that comes so automatically to your lips when you think of that someone? Of course when you are with your other half, you get all warm and lovey-dovey inside...that however is not what I mean... What I mean is the delicious feeling of the temptation, the excitement of hiding and the fear of being found out, the animal lust that makes your blood hot, the wild imagination of what may come, the exhilaration of the chase... this is what I mean.

The Forbidden apt the name is... It's sweet and delicious and tempting but you are not allowed to have it... ... ...

On the other hand, the saying 'play with fire, and you'll get burnt' will apply if you are not careful. So remember, if you do play with fire, protect your heart. Don't get burnt! Good luck!

This poem I think says it all for some...

O, Forbidden Fruit!
You tempt me when you hide from me.
You peek at me from between the leaves.

And tease me with the promise of everything.

O Forbidden Fruit!

You come near me yet stay so far.

You love me yet ignore my existence.

You give me joy as well as the purest of all pain.

O Forbidden Fruit!

Do what you may.

Do what you must.

But pray, do not take your smile away!

(This has got to be one of the corniest poems I have ever written!)

~Alviraa Paw~

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