Thursday, 30 October 2008


"I am special
I am strong
I am the best."

"I have just fought a fierce battle
Even way before I was able to come into being
I swam and struggled
Over millions of my siblings."

"I am certainly special
Without a doubt."

"I grew ever so slowly
ever so carefully
inch by inch
from a nothing
into a something."

"I loved my home
My warm and cosy water bag
I loved swaying and rocking in it."

"My sense of hearing was so good
That I could hear voices
from a land far far away
I would often hear
A gentle loving voice singing to me"

Woman (singing): My sweet darling angel..."

Sometimes a louder, rougher but still loving voice"

Man: Hi... Ya! Champ
Woman: Honey! There's a high possibility that it could be a girl, you know?
Man: Oh!!... Errr!... My princess then?... my beautiful precious princess."

It didn't bother me none
All this talk about:
Champ or Princess
Boy or Girl
He or She."

"It was so irrelevant
compared to the bigger issues
that I had to undergo."

"You see,
I was developing.
My legs and hands
My head and torso
My fingers and toes."

"I was growing gradually
And it was up to me
To ensure genetically
That I grew up strong and healthy."

"I had my likes and dislikes...
I loooooved Soto Ayam
but I loathed the Ayam"

Woman (Exasperated voice):I have never liked soto ayam or anything soupy and now I love it, but minus the chicken? And chicken's supposed to be my favourite. Go Figure!

"I am strong
I am powerful
I am special"

"But it was not always that bad
our relationship that is;
We had a whole lot of good times too;
I loved it when she danced
and rubbed her tummy.
At times I could even feel her soul connecting to mine."

"Then one day..."

Woman: AAArghh! My water bag broke!
Man: Oh! Oh! Are you sure?
Woman: Pray tell what is this puddle on the carpet then?
Man (Trying very hard to be calm, but is actually panicking): Oh...Ok! Keep Calm. My job is to get you there. I packed your bag and put it away.. but where?
Woman (Patiently): Upstairs in our closet.
Man: Good! Good ! And the car? Do keep calm Honey. The keys... the keys. I can't find the car keys?
Woman (Getting annoyed): I will try to be calm.... with YOU HONEY. The car's in the porch and the keys- front left side pocket of the pants you are currently wearing.

"Well, as they say,
All good things must come to an end
and so it did for me
The water bag broke
Way beyond any mending or repairs."

"And so ...
I had no way out
And just when I thought that this is
The end of Brilliant Me...."

"Ouch! Suddenly right out of nowhere
This dazzling light
Burns and sears through my closed eyes.
And the sounds?
They are deafening."

Snip! Snip! (Sound of the umbilical cord being snipped)
(Panting for breath)
Why did you snip off my cord?
It's my lifeline you savage murderers.
Stop harrassing me... leave me alone!"

"Ohhhhh! I give up.
There's only me...1
Against all of you
White coated people.
Do whatever that pleases you!"

"And so..
They weigh me, wipe me, cuddle me
Their joyful voices drumming into my
Once peaceful, calm life."

"Ooooo! Now, that's much better
I am swaddled
into a warm woolly blanket.
I love it,
It reminds me of home."

"Then, a man in a white gown lifts me up
Strangely, I feel safe and sound in this strong man's arms
His voice is filled with pure joy."

Man: My princess.. you are both my champ and my princess. Honey! She's beautiful! She looks just like you.

"Then I hear this voice..."

Woman (Singing): My sweet darling angel
I love you my honey
You are my little angel
My little baby bunny

"Its her!!
And it hits a sledgehammer
The champ-princess combo is my father
My very own Dad
And this angel-bunny mixture is my mother
My Mom..... Wow!"

"I feel safe
I feel secured
Suddenly this place
Doesn't seem so terrifying
And dangerous anymore."

"I am relieved... but so tired
I nestle into my mother's warm body
I have nothing to fear... so tired...
I can let down my guard now
I feel the love... so, so tired..
Happy voices engulf me with love."

"I welcome my new home wholeheartedly
I welcome love
I welcome slllllleeeeeeep."

Written By: Willow Beech

Wednesday, 29 October 2008


When one is bored, one must do what one must!!! hehe Try it... it's easy...

This design was done on 22 Sept. First 2 coats of pink polish. Then paint only the tips where the white bit is with dark red or maroon or any dark colours. Then paint a bit of glitter on the part where the red joins with the pink polish so the difference is not obvious and neater. Before the paint is dry, stick 'sequins' on the line between the red and pink. Do let dry between coats except after the glitter cos you need to stick the 'sequins' on. Then 2 coats or 1 if you are lazy of clear varnish or top coat. End result? It looks professional done. I got this idea from a design on the internet.

This one was done 8 Oct when the one above was chipping. Paint 2 coats of dark pink. I like this colour. Immediately after the 2nd coat, stick your nail stickers and rhinestones on your nails. This will ensure it stays on longer. I advise you think of the design before you paint the 2nd coat. Finish with 2 coats of top coat or clear and make sure the rhinestones are well covered with the the last 2 coats so they stay on longer. It looks complicated but it's not. They are stickers!

This is the latest-20 Oct. I was a bit lazy. This is similar to the first one or two coats of pale pink depending on how concentrated you want the colour to be. Then paint the tips with glitter. I had two bottles of glitter done. One was pink glitter, the other was purple. It doesn't show up well in the pic because it was time chipping by the time(28 Oct) I took a pic and it was at night when i took this. This and the first one will look fantastic on shorter nails. A twist to the traditional French Manicure, according to the website. This one is the easiest of the three.

~Alviraa Paw~

Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Forbidden Fruit

Have you ever wondered why Eve and Adam brought about the fall of Man and got Man kicked out of The Garden Of Eden? For those of you who have been tempted by the Forbidden Fruit, you would understand why...

The racing heart...weak knees...anticipation...excitement...or smile that comes so automatically to your lips when you think of that someone? Of course when you are with your other half, you get all warm and lovey-dovey inside...that however is not what I mean... What I mean is the delicious feeling of the temptation, the excitement of hiding and the fear of being found out, the animal lust that makes your blood hot, the wild imagination of what may come, the exhilaration of the chase... this is what I mean.

The Forbidden apt the name is... It's sweet and delicious and tempting but you are not allowed to have it... ... ...

On the other hand, the saying 'play with fire, and you'll get burnt' will apply if you are not careful. So remember, if you do play with fire, protect your heart. Don't get burnt! Good luck!

This poem I think says it all for some...

O, Forbidden Fruit!
You tempt me when you hide from me.
You peek at me from between the leaves.

And tease me with the promise of everything.

O Forbidden Fruit!

You come near me yet stay so far.

You love me yet ignore my existence.

You give me joy as well as the purest of all pain.

O Forbidden Fruit!

Do what you may.

Do what you must.

But pray, do not take your smile away!

(This has got to be one of the corniest poems I have ever written!)

~Alviraa Paw~